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          Welcome to Guangzhou Rovma Auto Parts Co., Ltd!



          Company operation management mode: the company development planning is designed as the operation and management mode of ten subsidiaries of the group company.Rovma group include: Guangzhou Rovma Auto .........MORE+
        1. Service concept

          Concentrate,Single-minded, produce excellent products, serve customers with heart, meet and exceed customer expectations!
        2. Lightweight Research

          Gather talents team in the industry, with rich practical experience. In cooperation with many doctoral supervisors in colleges and universities, we have been in the forefront of the industry in the design of new technology, mold R&D and manufacturing.
        3. Technical team

          Gather industry talents, and build industry benchmarking enterprises for standard ethics management and technology industry manufacturing standards!
        4. Industry development and goals

          The company's overall marketing plan is "three five a", that is, A-level suppliers of five domestic automobile main engine plants, five domestic top ten motor plants, five foreign-funded enterprise main engine plants and motor plants.
        5. Problem

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        7. Contact Us
          • Add:No. 95 Guangzhu Road, Lanhe Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou
          • Tel:0086-20-34756006
          • Mobile:139-2866-9731
          • Email:market03@rovma.com